Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Riddle me this...

... riddle me that

I had dozed off for a nap in the hall of less than a hundred hearths when I was startled awake by my Maester friend. He wanted to know if anyone wanted to go explore the castle with him. Feeling slightly more energized after my short rest, I agreed to go with him. Maybe I could discover some other comically misnomered rooms. No one else seemed keen on joining us so we set off for the third floor with cat in pocket. The third floor seemed dusty and devoid of people. Strangely though. noises and light were emanating from a door down the hall. The sounds didn’t seem violent in any way as we cautiously approached the door. It was already partially cracked open (or as some might say… ajar) so we gently pushed the door the rest of the way open and stepped into the room. There stood Brinda from the Shell fort. Before she could say anything, I cracked a joke so she knew we were not threatening. My humorous riddle did not seem to amuse her. My memory of our last encounter is hazy to say the least. Between my old age and the chaos of combat put me into a daze when we first met Brinda and she told us of her visions. Now she spoke again future visions. Some bad… our group surrounded by enemies. Some good… my name becoming well known across Westeros. Curious about her visions, Thaddeus and I questioned her about them. Wanting to know the certainty of these visions, wanting to know what we should do next. Still speaking mysteriously, Brinda said that she did not see “neither the stag nor the dragon will sit the Iron Throne.” Interesting… maybe the cat will sit the throne?!? Brinda also stated “that we must get inside the tomb.” After some time, I left Brinda with another riddle that seemed to stump her.

Lord Whent charged us with a quest to heal a sick young girl. The Whent’s could not be associated with healing her so that was why he chose us. At my own risk, I decided to enter the sick Sheera’s room. Admittedly my skill in healing is next to nothing, so it was more to provide any assistance the Maester might need. Plus you know what they say… laughter is the best medicine. After a few days, Sheera’s condition improved and our group moved on towards Stony Sept. While traveling, we spot a man laying on the side of the road with his horse near by. From a distance it appears that he might be taking a nap. However, his painful moans as we draw closer makes it apparent that he is badly wounded. Turns on that he is not just any old unfortunate traveler…. he is Robert Baratheon, the leader of the rebellion! What he happened to him? We must get him to a location where Thad can treat him. Surely my name will live on in stories if I’m a part of the group that saved the rebellion (e.g. Skywalker & Solo).


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