Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Samwell thinks he knows better than me.....

...perhaps I'll show him what it's like to have one eye...

After now-Ser Carsen's great devilish and persuasive tactics, luckily we didn't have to send our guerilla fighters into battle. I was itching for the fight to exercise my command hand hand but luckily we did not have have engage in such an interaction with the mercenaries. I am still not really sure why Ser Darren found it necessary to knight Carsen, or if it was deserved, but perhaps it will help House Jasper, which is struggling at best.

Especially with having to be gone so much, and being ordered to leave the garrison in the hands of Samwell has apparently only added to this struggle. Before leaving to help Carsen on his act of vengeance, Lord Ronnal let me know that Samwell has been trying to take command of the troops from underneath my nose, and trying to pit the troops against me. This won't go unpunished. For now I will let him think he is still in charge and has the upper hand, and then at the first sign of his disrespect, I'll show him who the boss really is. Fucking old bastard…….

Anyways, on to the task at hand. These fucking mountainmen. Annoying as all hell and no reciprocity what so ever. A child, A FUCKING CHILD! We'll show them. I may have had disdain for Carsen in the past, but that will have to take a backseat considering his current situation. I will fight to the death to help him avenge his son. 


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