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Ser Darron’s Journal 18

Ser Dollins’s gift of such a fine lance has warmed this knight’s cold heart. I liked him from the first time I heard his skill on that stringed contrivance you know. A proper tune from the bard could make a man forget his cares for a good while and put the ladies in a state too.
I’ve since learned he’s quick with a blade and bold as a bear when put to it. A righteous man if I’ve ever seen one and I rather like slaying foes aside such a fellow.
Sure he’s a little old to have gotten the shoulder taps but hell, if I’m being honest, I’m no spring chicken myself. I suppose there’s something to be said for a little experience though. The years give more than they take, so to say.
These whippersnappers make a good show of things but when steel comes out, give me a seasoned man, I say. Two against one before it’s a fair fight, if you’re talking a veteran who’s kept up on his training.
In fact, men like Ser Dollins, Ser Cedric, Barristan the Bold, and myself have a kind of mettle they don’t make anymore. If pressed, the four of us side by side could keep a small army of young swordsmen at bay.
All the better because it’s good odds that we need to protect the little lord before we see the outside of Heart’s Home. Thaddeus has proposed to surgery upon Lyn Corbray. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but the Maester speaks with little confidence in himself. In any case, a blade is to be used so it’s my guess (not that I’d tell Thad) it’s my guess that Lyn is going to die.
I hope he doesn’t – for our sake – but at least there’ll be one less cunt in the world.


Delightful as ever! I actually LOL’d at the last line

Ser Darron’s Journal 18
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