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House Jasper

Ser Darron’s Journal 21

A day late and a Dolins short

Leave no man behind! That’s part of the knight’s code you know!
Have I ever broken the knight’s code? Sure! A time or two! Who hasn’t?
Have I ever left a man behind though? No, Never!
Well, perhaps it’s happened once or twice. But I’ve never abandoned a fellow knight!.. Certainly not recently!

Ol’ Dolins is probably the only one of us that everyone likes so I can only assume my friends just don’t realize the danger he’s in. Personally, I know a lot about those Ironborn. Sick bunch. They’re probably going to eat him.

It was hard to watch that longship escape while Thaddeus steered towards the coast. I swear I shall not sleep until his bones have been laid to rest next to his wife, Mrs… hmmm… That’s strange. I don’t think he ever told me his last name… I thought we were friends.

Do the others know his last name?

I’m going to be upset if Gregoriy does and I don’t.


Gregoriy definitely knows it.

Ser Darron’s Journal 21
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