Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Ser Darron’s Journal 22

Ideas to get a horse off a ship:

Teddy’s big plank (doesn’t exist)
Tip Rambis (“bad idea”)
Tie rope around horse and lower down (RIP Lucky)
Yardarms? (too hard)
Pile sand next to the ship to use as a ramp (lots of work)
Use the Maester?
Build a gangway using large tree (no large trees)
Stand below to catch horses (dangerous?)
Catch horse with blanket?
Tell Carsen that someone on shore is looking to buy horses?
Beach a second shorter ship beside the Rambis
Can Summer turn horse into a dog?
Sail Rambis back to sea. Float horses off as she sinks (clever)
Wait for foals. (too much time)
Teddy can command horse to leave?
Cut hole in the ship (worked!)


Amazingly accurate recounting of the “brainstorm”

Ser Darron’s Journal 22
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