Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Ser Darron’s Journal 28

Darron steps onstage at Ye Olde Plain Looking Gosling’s weekly standup night

What’s the deal with Snownook food?? I mean, come on! Who is the sausage wizard who came up with this mystery meat?

mild applause

I mean, what’s the deal with the Council of Justice?? Who are these people? Beacon of Light? Maybe I could get behind it if there was a… Bacon of Light!

mild applause

Now, have you seen this trial of Carsen? I mean have you seen this!? Faceless man? Faceless man? I mean, sure he’s ugly, but give him a break!

mild reaction

Thank you! Thank you! You’ve been great! Don’t forget to tip your bartender. I mean what IS with bartenders anyway?? HoHoHo! You’ve been great!


Maybe Darron can have a second career as an entertainer if he ever hangs up his spurs…

Ser Darron’s Journal 28
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