Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Ser Darron's Journal 20

Drinking song overheard at the tavern:

Oh… I’ve been to Sunspear, been to Pyke / The wine was weak. I took a hike
In King’s Landing the taverns were dead / I asked Rob why? I lost my head
East to Braavos, South to Myr / But they couldn’t brew a hearty beer
Oh where is there a bar for me?
Down in Gulltown at Buffoon’s III!

So grab your swords and grab your forks / Tap the casks and pop the corks
Fill the flagons, drink ‘em dry / Poke a Shett man in the eye
The women fierce, the ale strong / The bards will sing a thousand songs
Ho Ho I’ve found the bar for me
Down in Gulltown it’s Buffoon’s III!


So GOOD! I definitely sung it to the tune of the last song on the Gypsy Hill EP…

I also just realized that you’ve kept a log of Darron’s notable accomplishments on his character page! I love that!

Ser Darron's Journal 20
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