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House Jasper

Ser Darron's Journal 23

Ho! Ho! I’ve cracked that Ezzelina.

She thinks she’s so subtle – talking about her vague “business affairs” – but she’s dropped one-too-many hints on Ol’ Darron and I’ve figured out exactly what kind of “business” she’s running.

It’s clear now why she has no shortage of coin..
Why she prowles the lawless reaches of Dorn…
Why she’s constantly sizing up the Jasper men….

She’s obviously trying to recruit a company of sellswords!

Now, judging by how she carries herself this doesn’t seem to be her first tourney – so to speak – and my hunch is she’s had men before. Perhaps thousands by the look of her coin purse.

Free companies are a rarity in Westeros, so she must’ve sailed from Essos. They probably got into trouble over there, or else in the stepstones same as us. Now she’s raising some new band to settle a score or find new riches.

But, will I accept? Imagine it.. The legendary Ser Darron, Sword of Snownook, Officer in EZ Company! Slaying any foe that dares resist. I’ll have one horse for me and two more for my gold. The smallfolk would certainly write songs about me then!

Hmm. I do owe a great debt to Ronnel. I wish he paid me better…


I see Darron is as perceptive as ever…

Ser Darron's Journal 23

OMG! Amazing!

Ser Darron's Journal 23
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