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House Jasper

Ser Darron's Journal 24

Darron: I wish the others would return. Sure hope they’re alright.

Shaymus: I just wish we had some food, but this is no time to go looking for it. Not with those riders scouting the area.

Darron: Well, we could always eat her horse while she’s away (gestures at Summer)

Summer: (Stares glassy-eyed into space.)

Shaymus: Ho Ho! Darron, what a good joke! However it is WIDELY known that you LOVE HORSES and would be DISTRAUGHT if HARM were to befall that animal!

Darron: It is true. There’s only one thing in the Seven Kingdoms I care for more than horses and that’s…

Shaymus: Why a SQUIRE, of course. Your trait of being stern with BUT DEEP DOWN INCREDIBLY KIND TO your SQUIRES continues to this day.

Darron: Well, I was going to say A FRIEND, but YES I am INCREDIBLY HEARTBROKEN that my DEAR Thomas fell to the Ironborn. It was only my recently acquired DEEP-SEATED FEAR of the Ironborn following my own NEAR-DEATH WHILE SAVING DOLLINS that prevented me from pursuing his murderers. However, I did DONATE a SIGNIFICANT sum of GOLD to an ORPHANAGE in Oldtown in the hopes that it may ease the suffering of some other children.

Shaymus: Wow, Darron. You truly are a GREAT GUY. I know you’re telling the truth because you are an HONORABLE KNIGHT and would only ever lie in the most DIRE of CIRCUMSTANCES when it is NECESSARY to PROTECT your FRIENDS.

Darron: It is true. I lied about the sword because I see the Jasparians as FAMILY and wish to see NO more BLOODSHED in the name of that piece of metal. The TRUE PRICELESS ARTIFACTS are the RELATIONSHIPS WE’VE FORGED ALONG THE WAY.

Shaymus: You are without question the MOST NOBLE KNIGHT in the Seven Kingdoms and I would be honored to buy you SIX PINTS of Bandallon Ale next time we happen across a tavern.

Summer: (Still warging, but most likely agrees.)


Omg hhahhahahahah this is amazing. I’ve missed your adventure logs!

Ser Darron's Journal 24

Is Darron a narcissist? Maybe! Or maybe he’s just suffered one too many blows to the head… hahahahaha

Ser Darron's Journal 24
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