Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Ser Darron's Journal 25

Any tourney is a big event you know. The crowds of highborn and smallfolk make it just as exhilarating as actual combat. In fact, it’s even better since they make the archers shoot at hay bales and true knights are allowed to duel properly; sword to sword.

This tourney is extra important since the winner will be granted an appeal to Lord Arryn. He’s the Hand of the King with all the powers of Big Rob himself! The hand can grant any wish if the winning knight is worthy. I have a great request of him so must not only win, but win with valor!

What better way to prove myself than challenging Ser Mandon of the Kingsguard. No fighter has yet taken arms against him today. To duel him would draw attention, to defeat him would.… Will… Will!… Wine! Pay attention! I’m teaching here!

Now… to defeat Ser Mandon would be tricky… However, Ole’ Ser Darron knows something the others don’t, or at least don’t realize.

Of course, it’s a gamble. I’ll probably be bleeding all over the maesters before midday, but I believe this old knight has a chance. In a knight’s life, you see, there are times for moderation and times for boldness. I reckon the moment calls for recklessness. Now, fetch me my pants.


Ooh, a great request?? What could that be

Ser Darron's Journal 25
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