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House Jasper

Ser Darron's Journal III

These have been trying times.

They've mostly been bad days since the Reach, but these have been the worst. 

My beloved horse has fallen. 

Poor Lollypop. She'd done so much for me and deserved better than this. Chopped down beneath me by those coward mountain men. I'll always remember her as an equal and I'll think of her every time I kill one of them.

The farmer is dead too. 

Carson… Ser… Carson. I never honestly thought he had the mettle for knighthood – seemed a little too greedy at times – but the chivalry he displayed in the pursuit of his family was a thing of lore. It shan't be forgotten.  I shall ask the Bard to write a song of these past days. About me and the farmer.

Worst of all: Jarden is gravely injured. 

And he won't! shut! up!! 
I've spent four days now plodding through this soaking heath back to castle Snownook and four days listening to Jarden's moaning! It almost makes a one wish he had died under his flabby rounsey. It'll be another two days of moaning at least – though Edric assures me three. Who knows what this kind of damage this torment can do to a man's mind.

I do look forward to our return, however. When the castlefolk hear about our decisive victory against this encampment of savages, and my immaculate rescue of the farmer's family, they will surely rejoice! How could there not be a feast in our honor and Carson's memory? We slayed a score of wildmen and dispatched another dozen. This just shows the valor possessed by the men of Snownook. An the favor bestowed upon us by the seven.

Though I am concerned about the coming war, one can spare a day or two for song and wine! Maybe even a third and fourth day for women! Ho ho ho!


The bard is taking song requests. The Maester has written one for him to perform during the coming days. Another to honor Ser Carson can surely be written.

Ser Darron's Journal III
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