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House Jasper

Ser Darron's Journal V

Lord Ronnel,


I pray this letter doesn’t find you. If it has, be assured that I am never to return south. Consider me dead or impressed into service for the Night's Watch.


I write this from the fair ship Her Lady Quickness which has brought us so far from home. Presently, we are embattled by an easterly storm on the shivering sea, the likes of which I have never seen. The crew have confidence still, but guarantee further deterioration of the conditions. A knight has the instinct to fight for his life and those of his companions, but mail and sword are of no help here.


Eastwatch by the Sea is a day’s sail and holds hope for the survival of the ship. It is our present course. Should this small vessel last till sunup the crew will survive, but I fear the Jasper men will pay dearly for a crime committed against the realm.


You see, we have knowingly bought a wildling – a magic user at that – south of the wall. I know this is an unforgivable offense. Should we survive the seas we’ll surely face execution or imprisonment at the hand of Cotter Pike, the Eastwatch commander. But, m’lord, you must understand the circumstances…


Her name is Iris. She is gentle, she is alone, and I have destroyed her home. She is a woman but somehow a snow bear as well. She is fearsome to behold, but has conducted herself kindly and begged for our help as we marched for the coast following the mission.


Yes m’lord, the storied cave of the north fork of the antler river exists. With the help of Jardon and Ser Carson I have retrieved the legendary valyrian sword in the name of House Jasper. However, in doing so, some kind of scourge has been unleashed and now roams the north. Horrible beings that are neither dead nor alive pursued our party from that terrible cave. We escaped with our lives, but the dread plagues me still. Even after we escaped the forests our party quarreled and bickered in an unusual way.


I have seen Bran’s wall and it is staggering in it’s own terrible way – taller than a mountain and thick as a town – however I sense an eventuality in this evil and will fear it as long as I live. Lord Stark’s house motto is “Winter is Coming”. Perhaps we should pay heed to our northern allies.


Should the storm take our company, I will entrust this letter to a raven as a last act. Should we make Eastwatch, the delivery of this letter and sword south shall be my dying wish.


If you receive it, please know I am grateful for your belief in me. Few men truly have one chance at life and you have afforded me a second. As much as possible I wish for my meager effects to be split as follows: One quarter including my personal sword are to be given to my squire Thomas. Three quarters – if possible – shall be taken south and given to Sanah Brewlan and my boys Darron Jr. and Dennas. They can be found just west of Uplands in the Reach. No one of House Mullendore can know of this.


The valyrian sword is to stay with House Jasper. I have named it Darkness.



-Ser Darron Brewlan


That was kind of dark so click here for a picture of a dog



Set Darron writes again! Always a treat

Ser Darron's Journal V

What the heck is happening to Darron! Sounds like he needs a drink and a song from Dolins….

Ser Darron's Journal V
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