Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Ser Darron's Journal X

From the Southern lowlands, to the Vale’s heights.
Ser Darron beats, all other knights.
He grabs his lance, they wet their pants.
Ser Darron’s the greatest knight there is.

At Robert’s tourney, he sent men flying.
Ser Lyn Corbray, was sent home crying.
The Blackfish fought, but t’was for naught. 
‘Cause Darron’s the greatest knight there is.

Sangor Claygin, met with brutality.
Though Sangor won, it was just a technicality.
Darron would’ve won, if he had felt like it.
Ser Darron’s the greatest knight there is.

Yep. That’s the song I proposed to the bard I met in the tavern yesterday. I wouldn’t be too surprised if people start hearing that little diddy around town pretty soon. He said that for five silver he’d touch up the lyrics a bit and spread my reputation far and wide! Ho Ho!


The Hound would’ve been taken to the pound had he heard that tune.

Ser Darron's Journal X

Haha this is a hit! …in the same sense as when Darron got knocked off his horse and hit the dirt

Ser Darron's Journal X
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