Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Ser Darron's Journal

The oaf, Ogden Borrell, idiot though he was, sure could swing a hammer. I didn’t expect to face trial-by-combat on this journey, but it feels good to put this sword to use. The attacks. The parries. The ol’ sand-in-the-face trick. Ho ho! They’ll be telling this story for years! Doesn’t hurt to have impressed lord stark as well!

Jarden was less than useless, as usual. His childish charge nearly got himself killed. Just like I told Lord Jasper when he was appointed Master at arms: “He’s too young! Has a lot to learn before I’d appoint him any rank higher than squire.” Well, he got his little eye poked out. Serves him right!

The farmer impressed me however. Jumping into the trial was certainly illegal, but his cunning and bravery are apparent. I’m happy to have him along.

If I’m being honest though, it really was a close one. I hope the others don’t realize just how close. Too many years rounding up petty thieves and second rate marauders for lord Jasper has left me somewhat out of practice against a real opponent. Now that we’re back on dry land – not that the Vale is ever dry – I’ll be getting back into form. Daily sparring with Jarden is what I need. Hell, he needs the practice more than me! Ho ho ho!


I was cracking up reading this and your bio! It seems there is some tension between Darron and Jardon! …and also a mysterious backstory I was unaware of. Love it!

Ser Darron's Journal
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