Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Short but not so sweet...

Maester on maester fight... guess who loses...

I pick back up trapped in a room off of the maester's quarters. This appears to be a small room, possibly used for people who are sick. Two guards took me to the room but other than them and the maid who has brought me food,  I have seen no one. All of a sudden, I see a maester peeking through the door. I recognize him as Maester Ballabar. We start speaking. He states he is disappointed in me for getting entangled in this espionage. I argue that it is teh role of maesters that if we see a fix, to work with our houses to fix it! He argues that our place is in the house of our lord, and I rebuttal back that the house is not the permanent fixture of the castle, but the people who make up the house that are important. I really thought I was charming away and making great arguments! But he states I am misguided and that I must go back to the citadel to have my flaws in thinking addressed… This doesn't sound good… I ask for a day reprieve but it sounds like Teddy caused a ruckus in the dungeon.  I wonder where my friends are… And if they can get to me by tomorrow when Ballabar states he plants to bring me to justice…. 


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