Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Shouldering New Responsibilties

The wise maester has given me my very first task! With August all healed up, I am directed to ride Kusa to deliver a message from the maester to a nearby house in need of his talents. Upon arrival, I am greeted by a guard who responds with surprise when I share my identity. “Are you from that ship?” I nod with pride-you bet I am from House Jasper! He explains that an iron born washed ashore a few days ago and the knight of the house, Ser Aaron, has him in captivity, and allows me to enter to small castle for both tasks.
I deliver the message to Ser Aaron, and he is quite kind to me, clearly understanding the importance of the opportunity to interrogate the man. In a barred pit below, after drizzling a little horse urine on him, I ask where Ser Dolins has been taken, but to no avail. His brusqueness rattles me, and I think to myself that a responsible representative would notify the upper echelons of the house right away of this matter. Ser Aaron urges me to ride quickly however, as the guard is fed up with their prisoner and wants to put the man’s head on a spike straight away.


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