Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Slight detour to almost KILL SOMEONE!!

Who are these reckless men I'm travelling with nowadays??

While Carsen and I were sick, Jardon and Darron went to heartshome where they didn't find any knights to recruit. They did find an older knight Cedric on the way to the inn after and they convinced him to come along with us and see if he is an honorable fellow…. Though Jardon, Darron and Carsen all seem only half honorable themselves! Carsen and I are finally feeling better and catch up to our group of now three.

Cedric yells out to us to see who goes there and Carsen responds, introducing himself as the leader. He starts going on and I interrupt by stepping in front of the boasting Carsen and clear it up that I am indeed the leader and ask where he is from. He states he has been around serving many houses and is now looking to find new service. Carsen butts in and tells me to give him the brass ring but I sense suspicion on the part of Jardon and Darron and I say no, he should come with us so we can get to know him. We all then head on our way to gulltown.

A few days along the south trail, I notice the shape of a man ducking behind rocks about 100 yards up the slope from us. Cedric and Darron seem to have seen him too. I suggest the knights go up there to check it out while I stay back and count my potions. Thomas stays back with me. The knights draw their weapons and head towards the rocks. I Darron talking with the man but can't hear what is said. Darron heads back and says that there is a peasant behind there who was hunting. Carsen seems to think it is a mountain clansman and he starts storming forward. Jardon joins in on horseback. I don't like this brash behavior so I charge my horse ahead and catch up with Carsen. I'm not sure if this man looks like a mountain clansman or not… But Carsen seems all hopped up on something and very angry at this stranger. I am standing besides the two of them. The man, who says he is named Olf, takes one of Carsen's axes and throws it downhill stating he doesnt want to fight, causing Carsen to threaten him. I lie to Carsen and say I am going to have Gary bite off his arm if he doesn't cool down. He just ignores me. Jardon then shoots and arrow at me, narrowly missing! Who are these men?? He yells at me to back off as it's not my fight. Carsen seems to have scared Olf into submission. I turn to Jardon and threaten if he shoots at me ever again, I'll poison him. He just ignores me….

Olf states he was out hunting and hid as he didn't want any trouble. Carsen asks if he is a burned man and he states he isn't anymore. Jardon draws his crossbow and tells him to "die motherfucker". Where are my classy old friends? I miss that group. These heathen knights are just uncouth.

Carsen asks how long he has been away on his own and he states 12 moons as something bad happened and he needed to leave. Carsen questions him further and he states it wasn't supposed to go like that… He states they were supposed to raid a farm and there was only supposed to be women and children there but one of the men killed a child who was trying to defend his family. He voiced concern to the Red Hand of the clan and he said he could walk away or eat his tongue for his defiance so he left the Burned Men. Carsen stated that he was going to join us and later, show him where this clan is living.

We continue on towards gulltown and finally reach the gate. A guard is yelling that he won't let us in because we have a wildling. He states it is on orders of the house. I speak up and offer staying outside the city while the other knights go in to find knights. We all agree this is a good plan but decide to camp outside and wait for the morning.


Haha the maester is enduring a culture shock! I’m sure the uncouth knights will warm to him (her) in time


“die motherfucker” HAHAHAHAHAHA
Your classy friends miss you too, boo. :-*

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