Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Snakes...why'd it have to be snakes...

Jardon opens the door to a room full of more of those horrific snakes, and we all jump into action. As Jardon shoots the closest in the head, I coat my quarterstaff in milk of the poppy, and when I have the chance toss it into the room as both a distraction and potential defense in hopes the animals attack it and ingest it. Over Jardon's shoulders I see a snake dive for its prey, chomp down on my staff, and drift off into drowsy sleep. One less snake to have to deal with…

When I get into the room, Jardon requires a quick dousing after being set on fire by one of the snakes. I smack out the flame and he charges away towards another serpent. Despite my frequent frustrations with the man, I am impressed by his boldness, and I charge after him as the snake wraps itself around him. My blade plunges into a gash Jardon had already had inflicted on the snake, and it squeals an unspeakable sound, coiling into death.  A small snake sneaks up behind me and sets my cloak on fire. I fall to the ground and blot out the flame, then turn to aim  at the snake. From my knees, I drive my stiletto through the snakes throat towards the skull, and its brains spray upward, raining down on my hood.

Our group is looking mighty battered, and we agree that before moving forwards it would be wise to take time to heal. We sneak out of the dragon tower, and I assist Darron in tending to the wounds and injuries of our comrades.

Ascending upwards, on the fifth floor it isn't long until we run into yet ANOTHER giant fire breathing snake. It starts to strangles Teddy, and as the others begin hacking away at the monster, I remember my promise to Lord Ronnel, and slay both the snake coiled around Teddy and the one following right behind. I got dragged into this journey to Valyria, and I'm not walking away from this nightmare without both the lording and what we came for….


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