Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

In my raven form, I come across Ser Carsen hunched over a stream on the side of the mountain. He looked as though he were packed with a few days provisions, and had been out for some time. Perched on a nearby tree, I observe the knight shake around a large flat round object for hours on end, and it’s not until I get closer that I realize he’s panning for gold. The fellow has a family at home, and a castle under construction, and he’s focused on flakes of gold! How pitiful. He doesn’t seem to get anything during the time I’ve watched him as evidenced by his repeated cursing, so in trying to understand his unwavering commitment to such a fruitless task, I check out his saddle bags to see if he was being motivated by previous success. I don’t find gold, but I do find a most unusual smell…what is distinctly human flesh. I try my best to dig around and open his saddle bags with no luck, and not wanting to push my luck with Carsen’s distraction level, I give up and return to Castle Snownook.

I deliver the news of Olira’s response to the message about their builders, and the unusual nature of Carsen’s behavior and contents of his bags, with Teddy, who seems utterly unconcerned. But the smell from his saddle sacks was so unusual that it gnaws at me for the rest of the day.

In celebration of Ser Jamie Lannister’s stay at Castle Snownook hosts a tournament with handsome prizes. The first event is a trick riding race, that I enter with a bit of confidence. At the starting line is Rhaella, Eustice Hunter, and Ser Darron among others. Together we raced through obstacles including jumping over a fence, through the shallows of the sea, and up the gate house ramp. The whole way I trail Ser Darron by bit a bit and never quite catch him, and I watch with a hint of envy as he’s awarded 50 gold dragons for his victory.

The next even is a knife throwing competition, that I join in fueled by the festivity of the day. Wyne, Eustice Hunter, Marianne Malcome, and Ser Dolins himself also compete, and while I enter with abysmal expectations for being competitive, I’m delighted to just make it to the second round. As the events wraps, the crowd turns its attention towards the joust…


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