Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Some wins for the home team show those fools, this bastard is not to be triffled with

Two battles won against the Tyrells, good ridden to those farmers with pitchforks. They surely couldn’t stand up to Iron-Bo…..I mean Jasper Steal.

Despite my gloating, I was hoping we would be able to get supplies to Storms end, it will surely help us aide in the overthrow of the Targaryens. 

Hah! Ser Carsen seems to think my successes on the battlefield are a result of his tactics, his command skill. Hah! Perhaps he should have been on the battlefield and not nursing his wounds while tending to a bunch of prisoners.

Although it is possibly in my best interest to let him think it is his glory to be had. Perhaps it might get me another shot at taking back my master at arms position front Samwell. Or perhaps another opportunity may present itself….

Either way, what Ser Carsen and that old drunk Darren say are of no consequence to me, I know where I stand. 


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