Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Splitting up the Group??

Down in the tunnels, we decided to heed Ruben's suggestions and to try to hurry on out. We head back to where we met him and decide to take the left where he suggested. We run into a locked door but luckily we have 2 great lock picks! Inside the door we see a ton of wildfire in a layer of sand!! I take a moment to count the jars and there are 300… This must mean that we are under the Dragon Pits as we saw in the note!

We continue on our way and find another room with a myrish crossbow! Dolins grabs it and takes it with him though I was for sure interested… I don't really have many good weapons, not that I would be great at using them… But a girl's gotta protect herself right? We continue on our way and see some sunlight! Finally! We end up in a tack room, but not any tack room! This is tack for dragons! I find some moldy old clothing and suggest we disguise ourselves in this, though the group doesn't love the idea. We decide to just head back towards the sea as soon as possible. So we head towards the king's gate! We walk through the dragon pit towards the huge dragon doors that are closed. Dolins shows incredible strength and opens up the doors! Through the doors we see over the city and decide to head down the hill at our feet as it is the most direct route.

We tie ourselves all together to get down this treacherous hill. It takes us some time and Calaila, Teddy and I stumble quite a bit while our bard keeps us steady! But we finally make it to the bottom! Once we are down there, we notice that many of the people in the town are nervous . We make our way towards the gate but see it's closed! I ask a passing woman and she says that the king ordered them closed as an army is on its way. She states that they are prisoners of their own town!

I see a gold cloak at the door and I start speaking to him. I state that we need to leave the city on pyromancer business. He seems skeptical that I don't have a note from the king for him. He and I go back and forth a few times and he is still unconvinced though I try to tell him the work is too secret to carry a note. I even come up with a story about how a maester was on pyromancer work up north and was killed when found with a note about his business. Dolins jumps in to show his new bow and states that the king gave him this. The guard seems confused at this. Dolins then offers 50 silver from the king to each man for their trouble. At this the guard states that if this came from a king, he wouldn't have offered this amount and he yells at his guards to seize us! Out of the corner of my eye I see Calaila and Teddy sprint off. What wimps! Also, what the heck! Leaving us here?? Dolins then speaks up and states he was mistaken, he has a gold dragon for each of them. At this, the guard appears to listen again. But Calaila and Teddy are long gone…. What friends they are!


Hahaha, Note to self; stick with Dolins!

Splitting up the Group??
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