Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Starting a fight with a killer

A few days after leaving Strong Song, we encounter a group of 10 people. It’s a hunting party from House Belmore, Sir Bruce is the leader. I look over to Wilhelm, he gives me a subtle nod that this is the man he saw in his tavern. We make pleasantries with the group for a few minutes. We ask them what they hunt, and Sir Bruce is a bit cagey, only saying they hunt exotic game. He has no regard for land boundaries set by civilized Lordships, claiming he merely “follows the hunt wherever it takes him”. I see he has a battle axe and a purple cloak, exactly the same as the vision I saw in Bethlezar’s eyeball soup! This must be our culprit!

After a few moments with the hunting party at the trail intersection, a line rider begins to approach from the east. Its Ser Darron! What great timing! I feel there’s a skirmish looming and his sword carries great weight! Shortly after, it appears the Dolins tries to pull Darron aside and it makes Ser Bruce uneasy.

As Ser Bruce indicates he’s moving on, Clink pulls out his morning star and clashes it against his shield, accusing Ser Bruce of hunting on Jasper lands and demanding payment. I like Clink, perhaps he’s too blunt, but I appreciate his enthusiasm. Then out of nowhere… AUGUST JUMPS OFF A CLIFF AND LANDS A SURPRISE ATTACK ON SER BRUCE!!! AMAZING!!! We must get in there to help August! I pull my sword and do what I do best… distract my opponents.


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