Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Staying out of the spotlight

Teddy, Dolins, the maester and I approached Lord Ronnel with our discovery of Jayne Stone's double agency, and the plan to send false information to Lord Varys through her, and potentially follow or capture the person picking up Jayne's copied messages. As the conflict in House Jasper increases, I'm concerned that blending into the background may become more and more difficult, as there will be fewer places to hide. Until then, I'm trying desperately not to stand out, and hoping to avoid questions about my background and motivations as long as possible.

Lord Ronnel expressed approval of this plan, and seemed to trust us to carry it out, which is far more faith than I would ever have in a group of people if my house were at stake! Teddy stayed behind to talk to him as we all moved out of the hall, but I'm not sure what they discussed.

I stayed behind that evening while Dolins and Teddy went to the water's edge to follow the Spider's messenger, as surely it is not the place of a mere hand maid to get involved with such trouble…


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