Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Stupid stupid Maester

We arrived and met lord Lucian. We were handed some bread but as we were in an unknown house, I checked mine for signs of poison. Calaila and the rest had dove into eating theirs but after inspection, I decided it looked safe and I ate mine as well. We then were set to split up and convince different factions of the house to our side of the battle. I was assigned to the Maester, as made sense. Nestor told me that the maester was new and other than that he didn't know much of him.

I met Maester Wilbur in his room where he was eating… Though honestly, he could have skipped a meal or two. I speak with spite based on what happened next. I attempted to sway him to our cause but alas, this maester was stubborn! He refused and instead tried to turn me to towards house Targarian and peace. Although the thought of peace is a pleasant thought, I know my lord and fellow friends would not go for this. After many attempts, I gave up and left rather frustrated.


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