Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Panting, another set of loud thuds hit behind me. I spin to see two more strange men land on the deck, and lunge after one of them, drawing blood on my initial attack. The man tries to grab me, and I squirm away, snapping at him again. I feel exhaustion taking over, and my attacks just aren’t having the same effect as when the battle started. My second and third bites result in the same trickles of blood, and the stranger’s annoyance with my pestering results in a swift and severe blow to my side. I wince and desperately try to bite the man for a forth time as Thomas approaches with a swing that bounces off the man’s armor when an arrow from above drives into the man’s wet and salty face. I look up to see brave Ser Darron wielding his bow and arrow expertly, and know that he surely saved my life today.

As the battle winds down I look around to see pure carnage aboard the Rambis. Member’s of the Order of the Darkwash appear to have lost limbs and lives, and Ser Carsen has a horrifying gash across his face, and poor, sweet Ser Dolins was kidnapped by House Greyjoy and carried away. I can’t bear the sight and return to my own human form, and am met with equally terrible news, as I find myself sitting in a pool of water. The ship has sprung a mighty leak, and now we must find safety.


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