Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I return from warging to find a relaxed Darron back at Castle Snownook. He speaks for some time to Teddy, Dolins lets the rider go after some deliberation, and all seems eerily calm. I fall back on our original plan of allowing Ser Darron to say his final goodbyes to Shaymus, and he accepts, stating he would visit that night after a flagon of wine.

I warg into a mouse and hide in Shaymus’ cell and overhear their conversation form the shadows. The conversation is benign, and while Darron does pass a small package over the the prisoner, upon further inspection, it appears to be a small satchel of spiced meats for his final meal in Westeros. I notify Lady Alys and she encourages continued suspicion.

Heeding her words, that night I warg again into my mouse friend and search Ser Darron’s room. The only thing that seems truly out of place is a set of robes worn by Red Priests. I notify Ser Dolins and Lord Theodore right away.


Now I see what you were up to during those narrator whispers…

Suspicions Continued
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