Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I bring the news of the Red Priest robes to Ser Dolins and Lord Theodore. They express internal conflict about the suspicions we all share about the knight, and we agree to keep this new information to ourselves. I suggest a plan to continue spying on the knight through warging under the guise of feeling ill and weary for several weeks, the knight and Lordling agreeing to spread this story throughout the house.

Over the next few weeks, I overhear a tipsy Ser Darron expressing sympathy for the convicted traitor Shaymus at Ye Olde Plain Gosling over ales, as well as speaking with the blacksmith about purchasing a brand new full set of armor! Where would he have gotten the funds for such a purchase? I pass along this information to Teddy and Dolins, and they share they will also keep a close eye on him at the upcoming tournament.

The day of the tournament finally arrives, and it is a whirlwind of festivities! Brave Ser Dolins faces off against Ser Brynden Tully and loses, but Ser Darron, in his shiny new armor, challenges and defeats Ser Mandon Moore!


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