Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I’m summoned to the Council of Justice to determine the fate of Shaymus following his defeat in Trial by Combat. Darron insist on joining us, despite him not having a place on the council, though he mostly observes in silence. Brock initially suggests that the traitor should be killed from his crimes, but after mustering the courage, I encourage Gregoriy to consider another option. “Perhaps we should use his guilt to try and bring the eggs home..what if we exiled him to Essos, with the promise of a safe return home if he can bring the eggs with him?” After some consideration and debate, the council is in agreement, recognizing it may be the only hope of bringing the dragon eggs to Snownook where they belong.

Darron accompanies me to notify Shaymus of this news, but the conversation takes an unexpected turn. The guilty party looks to his old friend and asks for help, and Ser Darron recommends the man accept his fate. Before we leave, the knight attempts to offer the prisoner several iron stakes. I react in shock and quickly swipe them from his hand before they can be exchanged, looking back at him in horror. I usher him out, and run to find Gregoriy and Teddy.

When I find the Beacon of Justice and Lordling, I express my concerns about Darron’s actions, attitudes and inconsistencies throughout this investigation, as well as how they are intensified by the knowledge of his history of being accused of stealing priceless jewels from the previous house he served. They share my concerns, so we hatch a plan to spy on a conversation between Shaymus and Darron.

Unfortunately, when we go to find Ser Darron…he’s gone! Gregoriy begins to search for him at a relaxed pace but my heart drops into my stomach and I instantly warg into a raven to search from the skies. It isn’t long before I see a rider with the sigil of a green field adorned by a grey face on his cloak. The man is not Darron, but I am very suspicious of this activity and return to notify House Jasper.

Ser Dolins is the first person I come across, and he agrees to ride after the man with the sigil that he recognizes as being from House Baelish. He also voices his suspicions about Ser Darron that he’d been keeping to himself, and agrees the man must be cut off. I offer him my sandsteed to catch up to the rider as swiftly as possible, and run to Lady Alys to urge her to send other riders to follow.

After seeing Maelys, Cedric and the Order of the Darkwash depart after Dolins, I take to the skies once again, this time towards Jasport, to search for Darron.


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