Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Talk is cheap...

... unless you have a silver tongue

We walked into Castle Corbray, strung out from the road. We could feel the eyes upon us, as we’re shaking out the cold. It really doesn’t bother me, because I just feel old. We were greeted by Lord Corbray himself. He offered bread and water to our party, and with some hesitation, we ate and drank. Lord Corbray announced that his house’s actions regarding the rebellion and the march on Gulltown would be decided by himself and six other influential members of the house. Being a bard, I feel like I could talk to just about anyone (except for a Septon). So I let the rest of my party decide who they would like to speak with. I ended up making the acquaintance of young Lyonel Corbray, the eldest son of Lord Lucian and heir to house Corbray. I asked him to play me in a game of cyvasse while we talked but he seemed very insistent on preparing to march on Gulltown. Hmmm, he might prove tougher to convince than I thought. I needed to take a moment to read the heir before me. After sizing up Lyonel, it seemed much easier to talk to him. I was able to appeal to his young ego and charm him into being more receptive to what I have to say. After that, it was pretty easy to get him to cast his vote in favor of having House Corbray join House Jasper and the rest of our allies in the rebellion. When Lords Lucian and Royce returned to our group to announce the news, their words sounded garbled to my old ears and I wasn't able to understand. I had to receive the results carried by an electronic raven. Lord Royce was to step down as steward of the vale and House Corbray would remain neutral in exchange for 400 gold dragons. I'll have to put on quite a few more performances to restore that much gold to our coffers!


bahaha electric raven!

Talk is cheap...
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