Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Tavern Time in Gulltown

All-time bar fights!

Our party arrived in Gulltown and had little success tracking down our leads from the Spider's messenger. Running out of ideas, we went into this tavern to try our luck. I appreciate the determination that Dolins and Calaila have for accomplishing our task. They both went straight to what they do best! Calaila charmed the shit out of a drunk soldier and Dolins brought the house down with his performance recounting our latest adventure! I took a more subtle approach, hanging at the bar to scan the room. Thad managed to lose all of his money to a sneaky pick-pocket in the first 5 minutes. Our Maester is a hot mess. Everyone is familiar with the Standard Practices of a Successful Maester. Rule number 4 – ALWAYS protect the coin purse!

I saw Calaila starting to look frustrated taking with the drunk soldier. Thinking I might be able to help her conversation with my status as a Lordling, I leave the bar and walk across the tavern towards her. On my way over, this drunk goon bumped into me and spilled his beer all over himself. In his drunken stupor, he misguidedly placed blame on me. I offered to buy him and his friends a round of ale, but I don't think he has any friends. Needless to say, it made him even more upset. 

He swung at me with his sword and I took an injury before loudly announcing my Lordling status, calling him some names, then sprinting out the door where I knew Maelys was posted. As a good sword that he is, he was instantly ready to attack the good as he followed me out the door. Maelys caught him by surprised and chopped his head clean off!!! BOOM DEAD!!! Problem solved. I swiped his coin and kicked his head aside on my way back into the tavern.

Our scuffling caught the attention of Lord Nestor Royce, who was residing in one of the tavern rooms overlooking the hall. He called our group up to talk, he was in Gulltown looking for us specifically. The Graftons of Gulltown refuse to swear loyalty to House Aryn, and has aligned with the Targaryen King. An army of Aryn and Royce forces approach Gulltown to force the Graftons into submission. 

House Corbray will soon mobilize to defend Gulltown, because Lynn Corbray, the Lord's son, is a ward of House Grafton. We must ride to Heart's Home and convince the Corbray army not to march. A tall task lies ahead! We joined our friends Sir Darron, Jardon, and Carson at the docks as their ship came in to port, and prepared to head out toward Hear's Home.



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