Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I hear Dolins faintly calling to me, and momentarily wonder if bringing me back to the Inn could be a cruel trick of Tontos, but when I return,  things appear to be quiet. With nothing but my suspicious eyes poking out from the trap door, Dolins tells me in a hush tone that they lied to get Tontos to leave, and told him that I worked in the Kitchens at Redwyne, and he seems to be heading there now. I tell him that it's clearly not safe for me to return to the streets, and I'm going to escape the city by going through the tunnels. They agree to come with.

The tunnel system is complicated and harrowing, but for most of our journey, we are lucky to only come across easily opened locks and some loot, perhaps most unusually, a row boat with oars. After many hours, we stumble into a man who introduces himself as a Black Cells guard, stinking and portly. Thinking back to our mysterious rowboat, I cheerily announce we are trying to deliver a boat to the water's edge. Clearly not believing us, we are happy to show it to him, and we tussle over the mechanics of how to "deliver it to the water". Unfortunately, this man intends on taking us through the Red Keep. Dolins shocks me when we agrees to the plan, and I panic, knowing that this is surely a path to fire and blood. I confront the man about his story, wondering aloud why he would be so far from the Red Keep if he was a Black Cell guard, when Dolins picks up on the man's slightly shifting facts.

Dolins challenges the man's identity, and asks him what he knows about a paper he found in the tunnels reading letters and numbers which were meaningless to me. The man's tone shifts considerably. "I need to know I can trust you," he repeats again and again, perseverating on his double edged sword of the lies we've told him without recognizing that he has done the same. Even when I offer to share our true identities on the condition he opens up in kind, the man declines, and encourages us to leave quickly and warning of us danger. He suggests we turn left when we go back to way we came, and disappears into the blackness of the tunnels.


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