Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Thad is back as a new (wo)man!

Maister's gotta Maist.

As we continue our walk East towards Highgarden, a rider gallops past going quickly. We see him a bit later watering his horse and he has a package lashed to his saddle. Calaila gestures to the package and says: “You must know Dell. What’s in the package?” He states he doesn’t know. I walk over to Teddy and confess I am now very curious to know what is in the package.

I walk over and introduce myself to Marq, who is a professional courier. I ask if he also had an odd feeling from Dell when he got the package and he states he did not. I offer to deliver the package for him as we are headed that way. He states if I give him a gold dragon, I could. I try and barter but then agree to one gold dragon. Then the fool tries to shake me down for another dragon! I inform him that dragons prefer to be solo and decline. He takes his leave and mounts his horse. Just as he starts to gallop off, I change my mind. I hop on my trusty steed Gonzo and take chase after him. Unfortunately, Gonzo is better suited for plowing than for chasing after a mystery box. I slow down and make it back to my companions. They shake their heads at me. I shrug and just inform them that a “Maister’s gotta Maist.” and carry on my way!

We eventually make it to Highgarden. It’s a stunningly grand castle. As we make it up to the main gate, Teddy shouts out. Calaila asks for an audience with the Tyrell’s and they clarify who we are. The guards whisper to each other and one heads to the castle. The guard who was speaking with us states that it is tradition that we must enter the city through the bramble maze before entering. So we agree to do so.

We head into the maze of very dense shrubbery. It is unclear how large this maze is and we quickly get turned around. Thankfully they gave us a red flag to wave if we get truly lost! After a few hours, it seems like we are travelling down the same few paths. We feel further into the maze, but it doesn’t seem like we have made much progress! I inform my friends that I’ve read about the maze. I know that the paths are changed at irregular intervals but unfortunately I don’t know what the current pattern looks like. Just as the last light is leaving the sky, we head out onto a terrace! Teddy did it and finally found us a way out!

We then hear a slow clap around us. We turn around and there is an old woman, rather frail, but dressed in fine clothing. She is wearing the golden rose of House Tyrell on her dress. She says that we have done well and for a while she did not think we would make it!

She states she heard that we were here and wanted to welcome us. It is the one and only Olenna Tyrell! Calaila speaks with her for a while and we are eventually led into the castle. There, wealth is obviously on display. I believe this is the richest family I have yet to come across! We are led into the Lord’s Solar, a beautiful room. There a man rises and we are introduced to Mace Tyrell. He invites us to sit. Some small introductions are done and then Calaila explains we are there to try and make connections in case the need for collaboration arises. He prickles at this and states that he must clear the air. He states some men of House Jasper killed his dear cousin Leo in the war. His mother scoffs at this and states that he barely knew him. Mace says regardless, he was intended to bring resupply to his city.

Calaila states she has not heard about this but does question it. She asks for more details. Mace says that during the war, Leo was bringing a supply caravan when he was ambushed and killed by men of House Jasper. Calaila asks how he knows it was our house and he states all of the smallfolk that were there saw our flags and the word has spread. Calaila asks who was said to do this and Mace recounts a one eyed man, and older man and another man with a different sigil. Calaila states that the war is now over and we are all glad to be living in a time of peace. I ask what was in the supply and he states food. Calaila asks what he would like in recompense and he states he would like us to think it over. We ask to speak to the smallfolk in the morning and he states he will gather them for us at breakfast. We are then escorted to our rooms but there are guards blocking the stairwell. Calaila starts questioning the guard but that goes nowhere.

The three of us discuss, as Dolins is sitting in the corner working on a new ballad. We had been on opposite sides of the war. Mace had spoken of recompense but not of money and he was on the losing side of the war. I think about if there is anyone of marrying age to link Teddy to, but alas, there is no eligible woman.

At breakfast, Garth Tyrell, Mace’s uncle, introduces himself and brings the smallfolk with him. He is a very scared looking young man. Calaila swiftly tries to reassure him and starts questioning him. He states Sir Leo was there to protect the supplies and they were attacked. Most of the Tyrell soldiers were killed and Sir Leo rode away. A few weeks later, he came back with soldiers wearing apple sigils and they fought again. That is when Leo was killed. He apologizes for not doing a very good job. He states that it was unclear if a foreigner, who was fighting with the cats, or a cat himself killed Leo.

Teddy then jumps in and asks how they were treated while Leo was gone. He states the foreigners would sometimes get annoyed they didn’t understand them. During the time Leo was away, they were travelling East towards Dragonstone. He states that there were maybe 200 each of the foreigners and the cats. We finish questioning and head in to see Mace. On the way, Garth, his uncle who is leading us, seems to have soiled himself… I’ll have to help him with this later.

We greet Mace and we sit. Calaila starts the conversation stating Leo passed away in a time of war and we are now at peace. She states that we would like to honor his life by planting a rose garden at Castle Snownook in his name. Olenna jumps in and asks us to instead help by seeing Lady Arwyn in Old Oak. She states that she has been having a problem and needs help. We are not given any further information.

Once we all agree to see Lady Arwyn, I send off Teddy and Calaila and approach Garth about his issue. He states that he is resigned that this is his lot and I continue to offer help. After some conversation, it seems he cannot handle eating things made of the milk of animals. I suggest that he avoid this and see if this helps. He states that this is his favorite kind of food and that he is not sure he would do this. I advice to help his situation he should, and we part.


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