Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Thad's back!!

I’ve been waiting for a bit for my friends to arrive. I’ve been so excited to see them all, but mostly Dolins, my dear friend. I’ve gotten the three of them some little trinkets to show how much they have been missed! I wait within the citadel, continuing my studies. Finally I get notice they have arrived! I head down to meet them in the foyer. I greet them and give them their gifts. For Teddy, a fine dagger. For sneaky Calila, a vial of Greycap, though I caution her to use it wisely. And for dear Dolins, a flute to add to his musical kit!

After a quick hello, I tell my friends to wait outside for me. I head up to see Marwyn. I thank him for his time and education and ask for a book to further my education. He thinks about it for a bit, seeing as he is very protective about his books, but he agrees based on my trustworthiness with the whole, Qyburn thing… He agrees to lend me “The Elder Children” by Arch Maester Kenneth, but he states he would like it back. I promise I will send it back as soon as I am finished with it. I thank him again and he reminds me, “Open ears, open eyes, open mind”. I promise to live by this and head back to meet my friends.

We head to the Quill and Tankard for a drink! There we do some catching up, though Calila is strolling about the tavern. Dolins and Teddy fill me in that they have had some awesome adventures in Valeria! There was one casualty but otherwise, everyone looks decent, despite missing my healing abilities. Teddy confides in me that they brought back a dragon’s egg! I almost shout in excitement. I cannot wait to see it in person! Dolins also hands me a dragon’s tooth! He has told me he wanted to have it fashioned into a weapon but he isnt sure it is going to be of much use. He asks what I know about them and I let him know that there is folklore about the properties of the dragon but from what I have read, they have all been debunked. I tell him I need to write to Marwyn when we get to Snownook and check as he would know more. Dolins gives me the tooth to hold on to.

Teddy then invites a darker complexioned man to come sit with us. He states he has lived in Oldtown for many years doing oddjobs. He states his name is Dell, but his real birthname is too difficult for most to say. He chats with Dolins about his barding and offers to let him perform, but Dolins declines.

Teddy then asks if Dell knows of a woman named Terry, a missing servant from our house. Dell states he doesn’t know and that we would have a hard time finding Terry and her daughter in such a large city. Teddy states their connection to Rusty, aka The Duke, and Dell is familiar with him, though he states he has moved north to Lannisport. He is not sure what he is doing up there but he moved north about a year and a half ago.

He asks if we would do him a favor and deliver a package to Lannisport on our way. He and Teddy talk back and forth about this package but it ends up that he states he will just take it himself on his next trip. And after this, we have another round and chat more about adventures we have all had!


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