Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The Bardshank Redemption

Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'

Teddy and I were stripped of our weapons, armor, and all of our possessions except for basic clothes, and tossed into the cells inside the caves. We are badly wounded after our very failed plan. I am so badly hurt it would be near impossible to have attempted to hide anything from the guards. They seemed to be quite angry with Teddy for his earlier escape. The only reason he is alive is his nobility. That seems to be the first time his title has actually come in handy. It appears though our captives have some mercy though and they say we are to be healed. You can imagine my surprise as Maester Thaddeus entered our cells to do the healing. My friend kindly offered to heal me first, but I am old and Teddy is the future of House Jasper so I insisted that he receive healing first. We passed the next couple weeks being tended to by Thad, making small talk with the guards, and trying to think of some way to get out of here. I feel as healthy as these old bones have felt, but my friend says there is more healing to be done. Who am I to argue, he would know best. Some more weeks go by and another surprise walks in… Calaila. I wonder what happened to her when our plan went awry. It took awhile, but whatever she did worked, because now she was bringing food for the guards and for Teddy and I. These might not be ideal circumstances but I am very happy that the gangs all here. We’ll find a way out of this prison, off of this island, and back to helping House Jasper and the rebellion. Maybe Calaila can bake us a cake for Teddy’s birthday and inside of it would be a lock-pick or a dagger?


Hahaha now a cake to celebrate!!

The Bardshank Redemption

Hahaha a classic ruse that would be cutting edge in Westeros

The Bardshank Redemption
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