Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The boys bought a bar??

A silly journal a bit late

So the silly knights come back from the city finally and announce to us that they have bought a bar… What?? How the heck did this happen? They recount that as they were trying to instead burn the bar down, a city guard stumbled upon them. They acted as if they were interested in purchasing the bar and bought it there on the spot. They try to rationalize this as a smart purchase as we now have a tourney to pay for every year. I try to explain to them how little this would bring in versus how pricey a tourney is, but it seems to be of interest to no one.

They also inquire about Petyr Baelish running the bar. I say i know little of him and am still incredulous that they purchased the thing! We decide to break for the night and figure out this silly bar in the morning.

We leave Carsen behind in the morning and head back into the city. We head towards the docks and I point out the harbor master as I had seen Teddy interact with him before. They gather the keys to the bar and we speak to the dockmaster's nephew, Robert. He seems to know his sums well enough and can read and write a bit. He accepts teh position the men have offered him of running their bar. Well, at least every time I am in Gulltown, I can collect my share of the profit!!


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