Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The Cave of the Dead

We've Made a Terrible Mistake

By the gods we are lucky to be alive. What was meant to be a simple treasure hunt has been anything but… (I did score a good haul though). Jardon and Darron almost starved us to death trying to find "the cave of the dead". Which of course you can tell by the name was a debacle in itself. For the record, we didn't know it's name when we went in. After visiting, I can say this; It is well named…

The search for the sword was interesting, but pales in comparison to what happened after we found it. We found the Valyrian Steel Sword stuck in a wooden door of all places. After a fair bit of cajoling Ser Darron pulled it out. And what a brilliant sword it is! Unfortunately, behind door #1 was a horde of the living dead and a monster unlike anything I have ever seen. (and I have seen the faceless men of Braavos!)

I learned something new that day; how fast I can run. We bolted from the cave as the dead swarmed after us. It was a close one. I was the back of the pack and I swear I could feel the wind from them grabbing at me, but luckily they missed. We made it out of the cave and didn't know what to do. Jardon thought fast and threw is lantern at the opening which stopped the advance. Apparently dead things hate fire. Then through the flames came a horrible sight. An undead in all white with piercing blue eyes. It was faster and stronger than any man I've seen. It gave a horrible shriek and dread washed over me. It was all I could do to move my feet to climb onto Bam. 

We rode fast and sure, but the monster was faster. It massacred our pack horse and it was only that distraction that allowed us to escape. We rode for 3 days and 3 nights before we stopped running. I wouldn't have stopped if not for my body giving out. After such a perilous journey of course the first thing that happens is we run into a snow bear!




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