Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The Disillusionment of Jardon "The Absent" Pyke

When Ser Darron and I return to the pool, I share that we found an additional floor that we think everyone should come explore. At my suggestion, House Jasper creates a handrail with one of the ropes to get everyone across the slippery ledge, and I'm grateful that my traveling companions finally seem to be listening to me. Everyone crosses safely, and we head upstairs.

Together, we enter back into the cavernous room I had previously found alone. With the lantern, we see there are three skeletons rotting on the ground and "Hear me roar!" (the words of house Lannister) is scrawled on the far wall in paint (or blood) from centuries ago. Dolins finds a silver key in one of the skeleton's hands, but we find nothing else of use in the room.

Next we enter into a cathdral-like room with pews and rotting scrolls, and pass into a hallway. Curiously, a doorway is blocked by a heavy desk, and when Darron opens the door, all hell breaks loose. We're stuck in a tight hallway, and Darron being up front gets the brunt of the attack from these rotting humans. Darron, Denys and Dolins are able to tear down monster after monster, but I can't squeeze past to be of support. I brace for a counter attack, grateful for my position in line. Once all the monsters are slayed, I look around to see Teddy and Jardon are moseying around the corner, seemingly unconcerned with the safety of their house members. In the meantime, Dolins has taken a nasty bite, but is shouldering the pain with a brave face.

With another dark and quiet hallway ahead of us, I jostle Jardon "The Absent" to the front of our pack, making sure he doesn't get out of another fight. Jardon shoulders his way into a room filled to the brim with those horrible snakes. I jump onto a desk, and stab the head of the snake nearest me, but it wriggles away and reels up, spitting flame. The sleeve of my cloak catches fire and I drop down to my knees to extinguish it. When I see the fire has turned to soot I successfully impale the head of this wretched beast and turn to see the room ablaze behind me.

I leap through the air, blade overhead, to land in a lunge and whack the head off the snake rattling Dolins and Teddy. To my rear, Ser Darron is struggling to put out his own fire, so I pull out my flask and douse him. The three are looking battered and exhausted, though I must say, I've never felt stronger.


The Empowerment of Calaila would be another fitting title!

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