Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The First Rule of the Fight Pit....

.... is you don't talk about the pit.

My apologies to future historians… It’s been a while since I’ve stopped to record my thoughts and adventures. I was able to prove my innocence by easily defeating Meatball in a trial by combat. I would not want the Redwynes to be without laughter so I spared the jesters life. Teddy received a poorly coded message to go to the docks. We were hired by a thief to break into the Redwyne’s vault. Not being able to construct a duplicate of their vault, pretend to rob it, and then actually rob it while dressed at police officers…. we had to sneak into it through a crack in the cave. We negotiated well and were promised a majority of the first take from the vault, provided we were successful. So once again our group found ourselves navigating a dark cave by lantern and torch light. We angered a swarm of cutter ants. The best way to fight them seemed to be with fire. Other attacks didn’t have much affect. After some comical combat resulting in a couple of my friends getting a bit charred themselves, the ant swarm finally fled back into the darkness. We also fought several Rock Creepers throughout our exploration of the passageways. One of which I was able to kill with one attack, stabbing its brain through a weak spot in its skull. My friends surely took note of my skill in combat and will talk about my bravery. Maybe they’ll even call me ‘Dolins the one hit wonder’. Surely that won’t have a negative connotation in the future. We were able to find the entrance to the vault and Calaila contorted herself into the vault and then back out again with the gold. The money would do more good for our house than in my pockets so I gave my entire portion of the gold dragons to the house’s coffers. We used some of our new found wealth to hire a boat to bring us to Kings Landing. Well… the captain offered my passage for free. My fame appears to be spreading! I’d better not let it get to my head though.


Our plan is to enter the city through the Iron Gate and then make our way to the Dragon Pit. Some guards were screening the people going into the city. Despite just trying to walk through like we owned the place, we were stopped for questioning. Morally, I didn’t feel great about having to lie to the guards, but it was better than trying to fight our way into the city. While walking through the slums of fleabottom, we were accosted by a young boy. I did not want to harm a young, innocent boy, that is simply hungry so I offered him food and board if he would travel with his. However, he had no interest in this. Still angry at anyone noble born he picked up rock and threw it at Teddy. The young heir bravely took cover behind me and the rock struck me in the head. Good thing I am so loyal to his father and to the house. Eventually Teddy paid the boy to go away. I wish there were a way to fill all of the starving bellies of Westeros, but at least that boy will eat tonight. Nearing our destination, Teddy and I are stopped by a burly looking man. He didn’t seem to want us to pass freely. He offered us to place bets on animals fighting in his pit. I politely declined, and we paid a small “toll” to pass through the ally. The man offered to stop back if I were ever interested in more bets or even fighting in his pit. However, I doubt I will ever return. If I do though, it would be to bring joy and improvement to the lives of those here that need it most.


“Maybe they’ll even call me ‘Dolins the one hit wonder’. Surely that won’t have a negative connotation in the future.” Hahaha

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