Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The gang goes to sea....

Homeboy can't Halberd

1st day of the voyage - 

Even though House Jasper is my home, there is something to be said to that feeling when you set foot on a ship again. Such an "at ease" and familiar feeling, feels so natural. Captain Asten related as I spoke to him above on deck as we set sail towards the Arbor. He related at not quite feeling "stable" when on land, his acknowledged that his place is at sea. An interesting concept that I seem to relate to. 

Although as I start to write this, my "zen state of mind" was rudely interrupted by nearly having my good eye poked out by the genius with his new Halberd. Why the fuck would you attempt to practice your polearm skill in the close quarters of a fucking crew quarters? I thought Ser Carsen had some semblance of wits about him, but apparently not. Asten quickly had him go above deck. 

Alright, back to my day dreaming. Perhaps after this rebellion is over I shall get a ship of my own, or build one. Aye, that would be the life, let the sea take me wherever it may. Perhaps I shall see the world. I have heard of such sights in Essos from Viktor, gargantuan statues in Braavos, the beautiful city of Norvos. I wonder what the Summer Isles are like?

Alright, distracted once again. He doesn't let up. He is now on the deck of the ship looking like a stooge with his Halbred. He can't even wield the thing with his with his skinny little arms and flimsey wrists. I would try to help him and maybe give him a bit of training (as it might be in my best interest to work for such a swindler as him when his castle is finally built), but I can't bring myself to do so at the moment. Half because I almost lost my eye, half because it is mildly entertaining. And by mildly, I mean this is fucking hilarious. 

4th day of the voyage -

I was awoken in the middle of the night this morning by a loud thunk, and then the sound of  metal clanking. Then loud yelling. Then Carsen running into the cabin. "Carsen, what happened up there?", "Oh nothing, the first mate thought he saw a squid, just go back to Sleep Jardon". 


6th day of the voyage -

Oh my god, the sight of Ser Carsen in full armor wielding this Halberd. Like a Farmer trying to be a knight, he looks like a farmer trying to till a field with a hoe. He should stick to the bow, and his sneakery, which he is apprently still skilled at because at some point during my boat daydreaming he ended up sneaking towards the bow of the ship.

“All ye deck hands, look to me for the image of a proud knight!” he proclaimed as he jumped to the deck railing, swaying unsteadily. “Behold, grace and power!” and he attempts to jump into the air, and stumbles onto the deck of the ship, not only cutting off the sails but also sinking his halberd into the first mates shoulder. I stifle my laughter at this blunder for the pure sake of Captain Asten's anger at the whole situation. “MY SAILS! MY CREWWHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUYOU CALL YOURSELF A KNIGHT?! HAVE YOU EVEN USED THAT THING BEFORE?!”

At this point I headed down to the crews quarters to get my crossbow and Ser Darren. Someone is going to have to get him out of this mess before he gets thrown over board. I come back up with my crossbow and take the Halberd from Carsen. He doesn't need to be carrying this thing around. Perhaps I'll give it back to him when I need a good laugh. 



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