Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

With a little magic, Ser Dolins created a perfect lock pick for the steel door, gaining us entry to the small room. Sure enough, there Victorinox remained, wrapped tightly in a cloth, its glory concealed. I delight and tip tap my mouse feet around while Teddy, Dolins and Gregoriy devise a strategy for our departure.

At the top of the stairwell I motion for the crew to halt. Damn! Guards at each door…no way out. I scurry around and scratch my head, until I come across a store room. Perfect! I’ll create a distraction! With all my might I shove a goblet off a shelf. One guard casually pops his head in, but shrugs and carries on. I cross the hall to find a kitchen and try again. A pan clatters to the floor. “Darryl! Seven hells! Keep it down in there will ya?” The same guard from this hallway groans, but the one at the main entrance remains. Frantic, I look around. A-ha! Fire….

I gather a pile of kindling around the room-stale bits of crusty bread, textiles, bit of paper-and set it ablaze. Sure enough, the smoke drifts into the hallway, and the nearest guard yells “FIRE!”. The man from the main entrance bursts through the door and without hesitation, I motion for House Jasper to run out the unguarded door.

We hide in a nearby bush, and try to devise a plan. Gregoriy, the klutz that he is tries hiding in another bush, but attracts the attention of a nearby outer guard passing by in the most foul manner. He quickly surrenders and he and the man pass by us on their way back inside toward the cells. Faster than a flash, Ser Dolins steps out behind the guard and cuts him down in one motion with Victorinox. We stand there, flabbergasted at the power of our reclaimed Valyrian sword, as well as the one wielding it! I return to my human form and notify Ser Darron that we need his help getting out beyond the walls. “Great! I’ll be there in a few hours!” I feel my jaw hit the floor- “A few HOURS? A FEW HOURS?! Arghh!!” and return to the castle in my mouse form.

With another game of charades I let the others know that Darron will be here in 3 hours. We find another store room to hide out in and I stand watch waiting for signs of our rescue.

Sure enough, a mystery caravan pops through the gates after some time, and a young man appears to tell a dramatic tale to anyone n the courtyard who will listen. The guard tack up and depart-and Ser Dolins peeks his face out of the caravan! We all sprint towards our rescuer and leap in, with our prize in hand.


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