Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Following Rancis’ slaying, Jardon earns himself a wide berth from all at the event, and we disperse in silent shock. Dolins, Darron and Jardon duck away and head towards what I can only assume is the tavern for a much needed drink. I walk with Teddy and discuss the matter of the Tully and Royces’ concerns about our unprotected waters, and their desire for us to build up our navy to protect the shores of the Vale and the Fingers. He seems intrigued and agrees to discuss it with his father, and I bolster his enthusiasm by presenting this as an opportunity to demonstrate his strength and leadership as the heir to House Jasper to our allies. We also discuss the debacle with Lyn Corbray and Edric, and that we left on bad terms.

I saunter down to visit with Pavel Brogan at his soup shop and in exchange for a silver stag, I receive a curried goat stew and a few bits of local intel. I chuckle when he shares that Bronn followed my advice, and visited Stephany, who bedded him. Mouth rot and rotted morals-a pair made for each other! Pavel also whispers that a young squire visiting for the tournament was under the impression that Bethlazar had put a curse on Lyn Corbray because Edric paid her too. Considering the poor outcome of the day for Lyn, I consider that perhaps there is truth to the old woman’s powers after all! I ask him if he’s heard anything about Rancis’ return to the mainland, particularly from Slim, but he reports he knows nothing. Thanking him for his offerings, I leave to bring the bucket of stew back to Castle Snownook.


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