Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The idiots head off on a chase


As we are leaving Goldengrove, we catch up with Jardon who has finally made it back to our group! We explain what is going on and I suggest that we all head home. Barron/Darron backs me up and agrees to get out of there fast. Carsen of course argues with us. So we settle that Darron and I will head back home, Jardon and Carsen can gallivant off like idiots to try and capture this ward.

Once we decide, the lord of Goldengrove comes out and yells to his guards to shut the gates! I make it almost all the way there on Gonzo. Barron's mule got through first and fastest surprisingly. After a few moments, we all make it through, but just barely.

Barron/Darron and I head back home after splitting with Jardon and Carsen head south to chase after the ward. On the road, we see Ser Perrin and a boy! Perrin states that Teddy sent him on this journey and I recognize the boy as Danny, the boy from the inn that we had retrieved and he was given sanctuary in Snownook. He is now going to be returned to his father, The Duke, in oldtown. We chat with them for a bit, they warn us about some farmers coming to blows on the road ahead, and then we part ways.


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