Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper


or: The Thorne Ultimatum?


A cloaked rider goes slowly along the wooded path. Only a sliver of moon hangs above to light the way, but the road is a familiar one. The well trained horse treads quietly and soon the bridge of the Andals is in view. The rider sees another figure standing atop the bridge.

Good. As arranged.

Cloaked Rider: I wasn’t sure you’d make it.

Shadowy Figure: You think they could stop me? I am not easily found when I wish to stay out of sight.

Cloaked Rider: I know that more than anyone. Still, I thank the Father that things haven’t gone worse.

Shadowy Figure: Gone worse? The smallfolk want my head! What has gotten into our lordling to allow justice to flow through those who have no mandate? They wanted to put me in a cell. That is not something I will abide by.

Cloaked Rider: I agree this place is lacking for Lord Ronnel’s guidance. But in the end, mandate is little more than popularity. Who gave King Rob the mandate to usurp the throne? His armies!

Shadowy Figure: That is a good point. And why I demanded my right as a knight to a trial by combat. The gods have always favored the righteous in wars, and in violence. They will show me right here too.

Cloaked Rider: No one would deny you the right to be judged by the Seven. It’s not without risk, but I’ll arrange it.

Shadowy Figure: Good good. Let me know the when, the where, and the who. I will be there and prove my innocence. As a Knight they cannot deny my request, and if they think to try to deny it, I will simply stay away until Lord Ronnel returns

Cloaked Rider: I’ll see to it. You know how to contact me if you need anything, but it’s best to lie-low.

Shadowy Figure: Agreed. Until we meet again…


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