Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The Mystery Deepens

I continue my investigation by interrogating Carsen. He claims Rusty came aboard with an offer for House Jasper. He confirmed that Jardon disclosed we have more dragon eggs than most people are aware of. This made Calaila upset, and Caliala had a special visit from Rusty where he whispered something to her. He claims Calaila had to rush away. He joined her to offer protection for her journey, but then he left her and turned around after being repeatedly insulted by Caliala. He claims to not have seen Caliala after that interaction.

Carson continues to tell me about how he, Darron, and Jardon posed as Lynderly soldiers to cause a ruckus in Corbray lands. He stops to reconsider the information he’s about to disclose. I try to pull it out of him. Carsen says he was pledged to the house of faceless men and he could borrow people’s faces. This is what he did with the Lynderlys.

Its true! He has a face thing! He also seems to have the means, motive, and opportunity to have committed this crime…

When I pressed Carsen on the other details of that night, he effortlessly deflects every accusation I throw at him. It could have been ANY faceless man who did this, of course it wasn’t me. What about the disparity between the Maester’s sighting of Calaila and Thomas not seeing her? Thomas is an unreliable child. Caliala died from wounds of an archer. Carsen, you’re a faceless man who’s an excellent archer, that’s quite a coincidence isn’t it? Everyone is good at archery, it could have been anyone…

After our conversation, I go down to Carsen’s cabin and dump all his belongings on to the floor. All he has is a bunch of weapons and a full wardrobe for every possible occasion, but no faces.

I got back to my room, my head brimming with new information. Thomas knocks on the door with news that a party is on the docks, including Lady Elesham, Sir Argyle, their Septon, and Rusty.

Politics are the last thing on my mind right now, and I have no idea what’s happening on this island with the Woodhulls and Eleshams. Carsen seems to know what’s going on. Although I’m suspicious, I need someone who knows what’s happening. If only Caliala were here…

Dolins also joins us on the docks. He’s barely left my side since Caliala’s death.

Lady Elesham tells me that the alliance between Houses Elesham and Jasper has never been stronger, and they commit to sending an army to Snownook in a weeks time.

We set sail and return to Castle Snownook and fill in the Lord and Lady about our trip. Ronnel says he’s been feeling frail, so he is entrusting me to handle the ongoing issue with the Lynderdys.

After the meeting with the group, Lady Elise pulls me aside for a private conversation. I reveal my suspicions about Carson, and she agrees with the sentiment. She advises not to trust Carsen, but also not to act unless I am absolutely sure of his guilt. Lady Elise also tells me Raella hasn’t returned yet after being gone for a week, she should have been back by now. My mother reminds me that dealing with House Lynderly and finding Calaila’s assassin are the top priorities for our house.


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