Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

With a nod of the head from Gregoriy I skinchange into a crow I spy flying above us. It’s nearly effortless, and I loop in the air in excitement. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before! I follow the man to a building with no windows, and quickly land on his heel while he knocks. When the door opens I hop in behind him as quietly as I can…

Inside, I see we’re in a barren storeroom with just a table and a few chairs. Another man sits at the table holding a white and purple sigil, and forth in dark clothes and a dark cloak, who both greet the man I was following naming him Leo. “Glad you’re here, we’re just waiting for the lord now…” The lord?! That seems like a conversation I’ll want to be present for so I try so hide behind some barrels, but the big man grabs me quickly, puts his hands around my neck and snap-as fast as I can I change back into myself. I try to catch my breath, and Gregoriy eyes me with concern as I try to reign in my panic. In between gasps for air I explain what happened and say we have to find out which lord is meeting with these thugs.

Gregory and I hide in a side alley, and he spies a man walking in with a sigil of two blue towers on a grey field. I recall this sigil from my time in Snakewood, and share that this is House Frey, who had been working with the Lynderlys. “These must be bad people, yes?” Gregoriy asks. I nod and warg into August to get closer and listen into the door of the building with no windows.

I hear two voices, one is gruff and gravely and the other is quite nasal. There seems to be third talking but I can’t quite hear him. The gruff man says “…that’s a mighty interesting offer…what do you think Sam?”, and the other responds “…we don’t have a better opportunity before us….wait quite a long time…would patience be amply rewarded?…”, “…that DOES make things interesting…that tips the scales…where do you have in mind?”, “…I think we could do that…will be a couple days before we depart…I’ll have Bronn see you through the pass.” As soon as I hear the squeaks of chairs moving, I scurry back to our hiding place, and urge Gregoriy to get moving so I can explain the alarming information I picked up.

We discuss at Winter’s Reprieve that night, and Maester Thad and Ser Dolins indicate that the “pass” the men may be referring to could be the Bloody Gate, on the way to the Riverlands, in the care of Ser Bryndon Tully. “If the Tully’s are an ally of House Jasper,we should send him a raven and let him know to be prepared and on alert for an arrival from Bronn, the Protectors and House Frey!” They agree, and the Maester calms my nerves by assuring me that he will prepare a letter and find a raven on the morrow.


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