Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The puppies are now dogs!

What tricks they have learned

Once we are back in Castle Snownook, Dolins and I start training our pups! And they seem to learn so quickly! Gary and Droolius are becoming close throughout their training and it's a cute sight to see. Gary has really learned quite a bit over these few months of training and it's impressive to see! I may just have to get him a buddy to hang around with. One of his most impressive tricks is that he can carry Guliver on his back! It's a very cute sight and brings a few giggles and stares. But it frees up some weight from my pockets!

I also find an odd note in my chambers from Carsen. He has left me a jar and a vial to look at and and determine what is in it. He offers to share gold with me if I am reading his note correctly… I really should give some literacy lessons around the castle…


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