Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The room where it happened

did not have me in it...

Carsen and I decide to spend the day at the Winter’s Reprieve bar. I consider trying to buy the establishment from Jamie, I think it would be a great addition to the Buffoon’s family, Buffoons IV! Carsen suggests naming it Winter’s Reprieve II.

As we’re considering the best name for our potential establishment, Gregoriy comes in an tells us the Maester is meeting with Lords Lynderly and Grafton…. Seven Hells! Carsen and I have the most at stake in this! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised based on that group. They go looking for a bird and find the most important audience of the month…

When we arrive, we find Ser Dolins preparing for a trial by combat against Jon Lynderly. What in the name of the Father has happened??? Carsen and I only had one ale!

As the combat begins, the least I can do is heckle Jon Lynderly. After all, we’re soon to be related and I know how much he loves that. They seem to be evenly matched. Just as I’m about to remind Jon how bad he is at defending castles, Lord Grafton suggest I hold my tongue, lest I be tagged as ignoble. I concede. I certainly don’t want to be remembered in the same vein as Jardon Pyke, the one eyed, legless ignoble.

For some reason Summer is looking out the window franticly. She’s an odd duck.

Before I know it, Dolins is on the ground and Maester Thad is rushing over to give aid. Jon Lynderly is obviously jacked up on the high of victory. In a very intimidating voice he asks me when the wedding will be. I didn’t know I got to choose! I assume he has to stay in this castle until the wedding so I’ll pick as late as I can. December!

Hmm. Apparently he can leave the castle now… Well I suppose December 2nd is fine.


First off, LOVE the title. I just watched Hamilton for the first time like a month ago.

Also, LOVE how shade is still getting thrown at Jardon.

The room where it happened
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