Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The Wily Handmaid

Get this girl a new horse.

We return safely to Castle Snownook, and are quickly directed to Lord Ronnel's presence who merrily chats with Teddy about the successes and challenges of our journey. No sooner than we finish does Rhaella introduce Lord Baelish and his son Petyr into the Great Hall. Teddy, Lord Ronnel and the Baelishes all agree that young Petyr will be brought on as a steward on a probationary period. I have an odd feeling about this young man and his black soulless eyes. 

I offer to show young Baelish to his room, and while walking discuss his interests-gold, the bizarre and unpredictable nature of people, the likes- and we exchange wits with one another, sizing each other up. I show him to the library to pursue his learning further. Upon arrival, I notice a raven waiting patiently with a scroll with blank seal, excuse myself and bring it directly to Lady Alys.

Lady Alys greets me warmly in the court yard and breaks the seal to read the message. "I don't know who this is from, it must be some sort of coded message," and hands it back to me to see if I can decipher it. The names "Rusty" and "Tess" stand out to me immediately, and I excuse myself to read through this further. Upon scurrying inside, I see that the full note reads “A former companion has taken something of great value. Gather your friends and go to Gulltown. Search for Terry and reclaim what is mine. Tess will meet you at the docks with your reward. -Rusty”. I rush to Teddy and Dolins, as the maester was fighting off an illness, and we all agree to pursue this challenge.

Sir Perin stumbles upon our party shortly before our departure, and heartily shares that is he going to join us on our travels to Gulltown. It is well known that Perin enjoys gambling in the big city, and he is not one to turn down the opportunity to visit.

After a few days of travelling, we come across Lord Lynderly at his usual post. I am put to the test with in representation of House Jasper, and engage in a battle of riddles. I successfully trick John Lynderlys into underestimating my wits, and we place our bets. In the end, I squeak out a win, earning good ol' gamblin' Perin a shiny gold dragon, and myself an upgraded horse-a rounsey.

Days later, we arrive in Gulltown and head straight to the docks, but see no signs of Tess. I inquire with the harbor master, who offers some suggestion about what my friend's "delay" could've been caused by. I decline to discuss this unnamed friend any further, and arond dusk, he head to a local tavern.


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