Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The Women in Pink

After confirming room at the knight’s paddock is available for the Jasper mounts, I head back to the docks and begin unloading horses when I notice two figures obscured behind crates and debris on the docks. Their both looking away, but notably out of place with their fine pink dresses on. I can see they are two older women with grey hair one with short hair and the other with long hair.
Tugged by my curiosity about these dockside oddities, I approach them gently and ask if they’re okay, but they assure me all is well and their coolness makes it unbearable to stick around. As I walk away I can’t shake how strange the sight was, so return to the ship to lock myself away before warging into August and returning to the scene.
I sniff around the debris and overhear their soft chatter, “it’s just a mutt…”, “…the girl meant to harm….”, “…I know, it just makes me uncomfortable…”. They eventually settle into a peaceful silence and take each others hands while looking out over the water.
It ‘s hard to tell if the scene is romantic so in an effor tto get closer, I grab a bit of broken dock in my mouth and bring it to them to drop at their feet. “Oh goodness, now it wants to play,” one says, “now shoo! Shoo!” I ignore her command and drop into a play bow with an excited waggy to try to get them to pay attention to me, but it is to no avail. “Just ignore it,” the other says, "it’ll go away if we pay it no mind." I settle down a few feet away for some time and can’t pick up on their energy, so eventually return to bring the horses to the paddock.


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