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House Jasper

There I am, up on the stage

There I go, playing the star again. There I go, turn the page

The Maester had helped me recover fully from my wounds. His skill in medicine is changing my opinion of anything to do with healing. I still hate and fear Septons, but I would know consider this Maester to be a friend. Our group had been not having any success tracking down the Roderick's contact. Perhaps the trail had been lost. Tired, we came to an Inn in Gulltown that seemed like it would be a good place to stop and rest for an evening. I bargained with the inn keeper for our party's room and board in exchange for a performance from a famous traveling fighting bard. My companions agreed to split up and try to find out any information they could. So I set my belongings on stage and began to tune my instruments. I watched Calaila flirt with a drunkard and coax him into stabbing his own finger. I watched the Maester stand up startled from the table at which he had been seated. Something seemed wrong, he was looking around frantically. I'll have to ask him later what was wrong. I couldn't focus on that now, I was about to perform. In the words of bard Seger… "Out there in the spotlight you're a million miles away. Every ounce of energy you try to give away. As the sweat pours out your body like the music that you play." I fired up my fiddle and played what is known in the bard trade as a parody song about out battle in the cave with the bandits. The crowd seemed both intoxicated by ale as well as by my tune. I even earned some silver stags in my fiddle case. The money is not that important to me at this later stage in my life. The fact that these people would speak highly of old bard Dolins, means the world to me. In between songs, I noticed Teddy bump into a patron and spill his drink. They appeared to exchange words angrily. I could see the man's hand reaching for his sword and deftly palmed a throwing knife in my hand, ready to fling in an instant. But before either the patron or I could act, Teddy made a hasty retreat out the door to the street. I rushed out the door behind the young heir. Maelys was waiting on one side of the door and I positioned myself on the other. Before the man know what happened, Maely's sword freed the man's head from his neck sending the head back inside the tavern. As I re-entered the tavern, none of the other patrons seemed bothered by the lifeless head on the floor and I returned to finish my performance. Thaddeus beckoned for our group to join him on the stairs. So I flourished my cape, bowed, and packed up my instruments. I followed our group into the room of a man that turned out to be Lord Royce. It appeared urgent to go to the docks and meet some friends that would be arriving. When their boat arrived, I watched Jardon (less one eye), Darron (a knight that I had given some funds to long ago to help get equipped), and Carsen Disembark. What type of adventure would our now large group of travelers encounter? Battles? Wars of words? I am not sure, but I imagine that being around such a group could surely lead to my name being told of in story and in song. I will stay with my companions and follow my honor to House Jasper!


This is you and I. Just the old bard and cross-dressing maester. Bff! (By the way, if you haven’t watched the in-betweeners, it’s a great show!!)

There I am, up on the stage

Haha! That Inbetweeners clip is so good!

There I am, up on the stage
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